Extra information

Mobile phones

Mobiles work fine in Croatia if you want to ring home dial 0044 omit the first digit of the English area code add in the rest and dial. In guide books for Croatia they tend to tell you lots of really useful local number for hotels restaurants etc this is no good whatsoever if you do not have the area codes.

Here they are:

Bjelovar 043
Cakovec 040
Dubrovnik 020
Gospic 053
Karlovac 047
Koprivnica 048
Krapina 049
Osijek 031
Pazin 052
Pozega 034
Rijeka 031
Sisak 044
Slavonski Brod 035
Split 021
Sibenik 022
Varazdin 042
Vinkovci 032
Virovitica 033
Zadar 023
Zagreb 01

All Brac is on the Split Code.